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Facilities Coordinator

Systems Support Technician


Senior Systems Support Technician

Systems Engineering and Analyst Team

Director of Information Technology

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QA Specialists and Analysts

Software and QA Engineers

QA and Project Managers


Senior Software and Data Engineers

Director of Engineering

Accounting Career Path

Accounting Associates


Accounts Receivable

Senior Accounting Associates


Senior Accounts Receivable Specialists

Accounting Supervisors

Controller / Department Manager

COBRA Career Path



Account Associates

EDI Specialists, CSR Leads


Senior Account Associates

COBRA Managers


Account Managers

Department Manager

Customer Service Career Path

HRA Specialists


Customer Service Representatives

Team Leads


HRA Leads

Trainers, Team Managers


Workforce Management Analysts

Department Manager

Employer Services Career Path

Account Associate

Senior Account Associate

Account Manager


Implementation Specialists

Senior Account Manager


Senior Implementation Specialist

Relationship, Implementation, and Team Managers

Department Manager

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Sales Career Path

Sales Associate

Marketing Content Manager, Marketing Operations Specialist


Sales Executive

Chief Product Officer


Sales Manager


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Accounting – Team Manager Job – Fresno, CA 52967

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Why You'll Love This Job

The position is responsible for the supervision of the department team members. This position will be responsible for developing and recommending policies and procedures that ensure the achievement of department goals, deliverables, and performance expectations. This position will also be responsible for growing and developing the staff to ensure optimal employee contribution and retention. This position will also be responsible for employee performance reviews, disciplinary action, and any involvement needed to keep the department running productively.


  • Manage daily operations (staffing, work distribution, and customer escalations)
  • Build and maintain effective operations committed to customer satisfaction as well as profitable growth.
  • Conduct Performance evaluations and deliver performance reviews to staff
  • Employee tracking for tardies
  • Employee disciplinary action as needed
  • Provide the tools, training and environment required to ensure department employees achieve success
  • Conduct one-on-one training with staff to ensure optimal levels of performance
  • Assist staff in adhering to ASi established policies and procedures
  • Go-to person for escalated customer calls
  • Plans and executes Accounting meetings
  • Review of S drive folder (general) and clean up by department folderOther duties as assigned

Skills & Qualifications

  • Basic computer skills and knowledge of Microsoft Word, Excel and Outlook
  • Good written communication skills
  • Good work attitude, adaptability and multi-tasking abilities
  • Independent/self-motivated work style
  • Willingness to work outside scheduled work hours as needed, especially during our busy season
  • Comfortable providing constructive feedback and administering disciplinary action
  • Demonstrate ability to provide leadership and guidance both internally and externally
  • Ability to identify and resolve issues independently
  • Professionalism
  • High attention to detail
  • Ability to monitor and provide employee performance review and evaluation
  • This position must have the ability to accept corrective criticism from your peers as well as your subordinates.
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